The Healing Hands Massage Institute Mobile Student App

by Randy Barrera
June 28, 2023
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Mobile App
Mobile App

Upon becoming a student with Healing Hands Massage Institute, you will be given access to the Healing Hands mobile application. This application allows you to quickly check in with your enrollment and internship progress while you are a part of the HHMI learning program.

If you are a student currently enrolled with HHMI, you can read below to learn more about the features and utility our application offers to current students.

Downloading the Application

The HHMI student application can be readily downloaded on Apple and Android mobile devices. This application is free to students enrolled in the program. If you have one of these devices, please choose your current operating system below for a step-by-step process on how to get started with our app.

  1. Apple
  2. Android


Downloading HHMI from the App Store

Unlock your device and navigate to the Apple App Store. Upon opening the app store, go to the search tab and type the following in the search bar at the top of your screen:

Healing Hands

Upon completing this search, you should find our application as depicted below:

The HHMI App on the Apple Appstore

Download this application onto your Apple device, and head back to your home screen to find it on one of your pages.


  1. Your device must be an Apple iPhone. Tablets and wearables are not supported.

  2. Your device must be running iOS 12.0 or later.

  3. Your device must have at least 20MB of free space.

Downloading HHMI from the Google Play Store

Unlock your device and navigate to the Google Play Store. Upon opening the Google Play Store, go to the search tab and type the following:

Healing Hands

Upon completing this search, you should find the HHMI student application as depicted below:

The HHMI App on Google Playstore

Download this application onto your Android device, and head back to your home screen to find it on one of your device's pages.


  1. Your device must be an Android Mobile Device. Tablets and Wearables are unsupported.

  2. Your device must be running Android 11 or later.

  3. Your device must have at least 20MB of free space.

Getting started

Now that you have downloaded the HHMI student application on your mobile device, the next step is linking your device with your HHMI profile. Please open your application, and you will be greeted with a welcome screen. It is important that you enable notifications for the HHMI student application. This is how you will receive important alerts about your schedule, patients checking in, and more.

Upon opening the app, you will be greeted with the following sign-in screen. Our sign-in system utilizes the email address that you used during your online application process you filled out when applying for Healing Hands Massage Institute. Type your email address in the input box and tap the Sign in button. If you're having trouble on this step, you can contact the school by tapping on Need help? Contact us.


Initial Signin


One-time passcode

The next step requires a one-time passcode (OTP) that is sent to your email's inbox. It will be a six digit code. Once you have retrieved that passcode, you can type it within the one-time passcode input box and complete the sign in process. 


one-time passcode screenshot


No branch access

In some rare instances, you may receive a message after signing in stating that you do not access to the Healing Hands Massage Institute branch. In this case, please contact Healing Hands Massage Institute in order to resolve this issue. You may tap the Sign out box while you wait for the resolution.


no branch access alert


Navigating through the App

Use the icons located at the bottom of your screen in order to move through different sections of the app. Your last location within a section will be remembered if you go to another section. This is to make it easier to get back to what you were looking at in case you needed to check another section.

application navigation

You can quickly identify which tab you are located in by looking at your navigation bar and finding the icon that is solid in appearance. The icons for the tabs that you are not actively in will appear outlined and washed out. This is to make it easier for you to discern your location within the application with a quick glance.

Your Schedule

In the schedule tab, you will find a list containing all events that pertain to you as a therapist during your time at HHMI. Here, you can view all of your upcoming appointments with patients, break times, and open times. Break times are times in which you are intentionally left off schedule in order to do non-internship things, like eating lunch or studying for one of your classes. Open times are times in which you are available for potential patients that want to schedule an appointment with you. These open times are subject to fill/empty depending on clientele calling HHMI to schedule/cancel an appointment.

An appointment will look like:

example appointment
An appointment can have various statuses as well. Below are the five different states you can find an appointment in:
- Scheduled (blue)
- Checked In (purple)
- Completed (green)
- Cancelled (orange)
- No Show (red)

A break time will look like:


An open time will look like:

open time
It is important to note that you must be on campus during open times.

When you launch the app, you will always be taken to the schedule tab so you can see your workday immediately. As the day progresses, events will begin to disappear/complete when the end time for those events are met. If a patient cancels or does not show up for their appointment, these events will be moved to Today tab. All appointments for the day will appear on the history page in case you need to review information about that appointment.

The Today tab also will let you know how many completed and pending hours you have left for the day.

 today tab screen


Workflow of an appointment

As a student intern, you will need to take care of a few things within your application before beginning work on a patient. Let's go over these items in order to help you get into the habit of completing these items quickly and thoroughly.

Viewing Appointment information

In order to view appointment information, tap on an appointment in your schedule tab. Within the appointment details page, you can view general information about the appointment, setup or edit a treatment plan for the patient, and view the patient's medical information, pain maps, and notes.

Appointment Information

Treatment plans

When you are working on a patient for the first time, you will be required to setup a treatment plan for them before getting started on their massage. Upon entering the appointment information for the patient, there will be a red banner that states the treatment plan is required. 

treatment required banner

In this case, at the bottom right of your device's screen, you will find a bright, blue button that says Add Treatment Plan. 

treatment plan button

Tapping on the Add Treatment Plan button will open a page with a form that allows you to fill out a treatment plan for the patient. Each treatment plan you fill must have a Technique and Target Area filled out. You can use the two colored buttons above the text fields to quickly fill out the treatment plan. If you require a treatment that is more custom, you can specify the Technique and Target Areas using the corresponding textboxes below the prefilled treatment plan buttons.

For your convenience, you can also view the patient's pain map by pressing the View Pain Map 

treatment plan form
Upon completing the treatment plan form, you will be taken back to the appointment information page with a new treatment plan card in place of the red banner. 
Treatment Card
If you find yourself needing to change the treatment plan for the patient, you can do so by tapping on the Change Plan button located within the treatment plan card. It is imperative that you fill out a treatment plan for every patient you work with. Failure to do so can result in a hold on your internship progress and potential failure of the course.

Patient Medical Information

Patients are required to notify the school of any medical conditions or medications when they check in for their appointment. Within the appointment information page, you can see the different conditions, allergies, and more, if the patient has any. If you have questions over any serious conditions, feel free to ask the front desk about these, otherwise you can go over these ailments with the patient upon greeting them in the lobby.

Patient Pain Map Information

Patients are able to denote which areas of the body they would like to be worked on, and which areas of the body they would like you to avoid when practicing on them. You can view this information by tapping on the View Pain Map button in the appointment information page.

Patient Pain Map

Areas that the patient would like you to focus on are denoted by green markings, and areas that the patient would you to avoid or ignore are denoted by red markings. You can cycle through the front and back pain maps by tapping on the Front and Back buttons at the top left of your device's screen.

Viewing and Writing Notes about a Patient

As a student intern, you are able to write notes and observations about patients that come to our school. You can view this information by scrolling down within the appointment information page. You will be able to view all notes about a patient, whether they were written by you or another student intern. These notes serve to help you learn more about others' experiences working on this patient and also learn about outstanding information about the patient in case there are special circumstances that need to taken care of when working.

To add a new note about a patient, tap on the Add Note button. You will be greeted with a pop-up that includes an area for you to write your observation, along with a submit button on the bottom of the screen. HHMI asks that these notes be thoughtful and useful, so that future student interns are able to learn valuable information about a patient that will help them during their internship work.

Patient Note Form
Please refrain from adding personal or opinionated comments about a patient. If there is an outstanding issue with a patient, please notify the front desk or an administrator in order to help you.

Academic Report

The academic report tab will grant you information about your enrollment with HHMI. You will be able to view your academic standing and see which classes are in need of attention. If you have makeup hours that need to be completed for a course, or if you have completed a course, this page will allow you to see that. Additionally, if there is outstanding information about your enrollment, certain warning messages will appear on this page in order to let you know what is going on with your enrollment, and if you need to contact the school to learn more about your academic progress.

Academics page


Viewing course information

By tapping on a course, you will go into that course's information page. Within this page, you can view the course start and end date, upcoming class dates for the course, and your final grade. If you are absent for a certain class, the app will let you know if you need to complete makeup hours. If you have questions over your a class, makeup time, or grade, you can contact our student admissions office to learn more about potential resolutions for your concern.

You're All Set

Now that you know the basics of using the HHMI student application, you will be able to quickly analyze your incoming appointments and review your enrollment information with ease. Our application is constantly being updated with new features and fixes, so it is important to periodically check if there is a new update available for your app.

If you have further questions about certain functions within the HHMI student application, feel free to contact the school, or send an email to our developer if you have specific questions over a certain feature or bug.

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